GOFF Professional is our offering of world-class vintage Hammond organs & Leslie speakers, along with our vintage restoration and professional tour support services for our most discerning clients.


  • We offer fully restored vintage Hammond organs and Leslie speakers from our carefully selected reserve.
  • We restore vintage equipment at our shop in Newington, CT USA.
  • We provide custom modifications and provide functionality you never thought possible from a vintage instrument.
  • If you'd rather not tour with your own equipment, we provide tour-length rentals of a vintage GOFF Professional Hammond B-3 and Leslie 122.


  • GOFF Professional can help you address the unique challenges of touring with a vintage Hammond Organ & Leslie Speaker.
  • All of our GOFF Professional Instruments and Restorations are supported with emergency technical assistance and replacement parts.
  • We provide worldwide technical tour support for the ever-growing family of professional musicians that tour with GOFF Professional equipment.
  • We provide custom-tailored tour support services to meet the unique needs of individual tours.  
  • We offer long-term storage for your instruments between tours and pre-tour tune-ups to ensure that your Hammond and Leslie sound their best.


  • We're always willing to help out a Hammond player in need, so if you run into trouble on the road with your vintage Hammond or Leslie, don't hesitate to give us a call.