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David Vumback, President

With help from Al Goff
and many other family members and friends.

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Goff Organ Service is proud to be a 3rd generation New England family business. We've been working on Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers since 1940, and nobody knows the instruments better than we do.

  • We offer new and used Hammond organs and Leslie speakers for professional, church, institutional and home use.
  • We provide vintage and modern rental Hammond organs and Leslie speakers in CT, NY, and MA.
  • We repair used instruments at our shop in Newington, CT USA.
  • We offer on-site Hammond and Leslie service and repair services for churches, business, non-profit institutions, and private owners in CT and MA.
  • We offer mail order parts and accessories to keep your equipment running strong and sounding better than new.
  • We perform mail order repairs and amplifier rebuilds when your equipment needs some personal attention but it's not necessary to bring your entire rig to our shop in Connecticut.

GOFF Professional is our vintage pro line. There's a certain essence, in spirit and sound, that can only come from a vintage Hammond and Leslie. You know it when you hear it in the music you love. We know it too. We love it, and we're committed to keeping it alive for future generations. GOFF Professional is our offering of world-class vintage Hammond organs & Leslie speakers, along with our vintage restoration and professional tour support services for our most discerning clients.

  • We offer fully restored vintage Hammond organs and Leslie speakers from our carefully selected reserve.
  • We restore vintage equipment at our shop in Newington, CT USA.
  • We provide custom modifications and provide functionality you never thought possible from a vintage instrument.
  • We provide worldwide technical tour support for the ever-growing family of professional musicians that tour with GOFF Professional equipment.
  • We provide custom-tailored tour support services designed for the needs of professional musicians touring with vintage instruments.

Company History

The Goff family has been selling, installing, and servicing Hammond Organs and Leslie speakers for musicians since 1940 when Harold Goff began working as a Hammond Organ serviceman for multiple Hammond dealerships in Connecticut and New York. Harold was born in 1906 in Syracuse, NY and began playing piano in 1917 at the urging of his Mother. He soon played piano and pipe organ in church, silent movie theaters, skating rinks, and at regional musical events, ultimately becoming a professional musician in 1926. He continued playing piano and pipe organ and played his first Hammond Model A organ in 1935 in New York. Harold had also been working at General Electric in Syracuse, but left to play piano and Hammond organ professionally, and to begin his 44-year career as a Hammond Organ Service Technician. He played piano and organ from 1917 until 1984, a period of 67 years!

In 1965, after 25 years as a Hammond Service Technician, Harold was honored by Hammond Organ Company as the first "Senior Hammond Organ Service Technician" which he remained for another 19 years! Harold's sons, Bill and Al, and daughter Janet (Goff) Vumback worked in the family business since the 1950's, with Bill and Al specializing in technical service and installation. In the mid-1970's, Hammond Organ Company decided to introduce Regional Factory Service Centers, so Harold and Al formed Goff Organ Service, Inc. to support Hammond's factory and dealer regional service center in Connecticut and to continue providing dealer service for Hammond and Leslie Dealers throughout New England. Harold died suddenly in 1984, only a few hours prior to a scheduled "Big Band" playing engagement. Al continued running Goff Organ Service with the help of his brother Bill and added the GOFF Professional division in 1984. Janet's sons Wayne (Bud), Mike, Paul, and David Vumback soon joined the family business. In 2000, Al asked David to take over as President of the family business, with help from Al, Bill, Al's sons Bryan and Chris, and later from David's Mom, Janet (Goff) Vumback, and brother Mike Vumback.

As our family enters our 75th year of Hammond & Leslie Sales and Service in 2015, we are proud to be a 3rd generation family business and the oldest Hammond dealership in the world. Goff Organ Service and the GOFF Professional division are still focused on quality church and professional Hammond Organ and Leslie Speaker Sales, Service, Rebuilding, Installation, Mail Order Parts, and Technical Tour Support. We can't think of a better way to pay homage to our father / grandfather, Harold Goff.

Our presence on the web is dedicated to the memory of family members who are no longer with us. You will always be here in the hearts of your family and friends.